We’ve spent the best part of a decade defining and iterating our automation methodology, and we believe we’ve cracked the code when it comes to scaling a digital workforce.
This IP enables our client's automation programmes to benefit from our years worth of learnings gained from scaling automation at many clients, across diverse industries and geographies.
We've integrated world-class tools and products into the platform, chosen for their ability to increase the speed and quality of a deployment.
Auto-Mate provides you with all of the tools and structure needed to build and scale your Intelligent Automation programme in the most efficient way.

The Path to Deploying Automation is Long and Complex

We’ve embedded this expertise into Auto-mate meaning you don’t need to re-invent the wheel

We track our backlog and benefits in Excel, our process maps in Visio, our PDDs in Word, our process analysis in my notebook, our PM in Trello, our video clips in SharePoint and our automation monitoring in dashboards we spent 3-months building in PowerBI.

- DigiBlu client, large Healthcare business.


  • Centralises all data - across your automation programme.
  • Transparency - empower your stakeholders to see all the work that is going into your programme.
  • Structures - benefit from our IP and best practise and follow Auto-Mate's guides to delivering and scaling automation.
  • Deep insight - all the data on your programme is now structured and digitised, meaning it can be reported on.
  • Drives efficiency - don't spend time replicating the wheel - use Auto-Mate and focus your time on actually scaling the automation programme.

Identifying Improvement Opportunities

  • Captures key automation candidate detail
  • All processes are ranked using the same objective criteria.
  • Automates complex business case calculations.
  • Remove dependency on excel, worries about version control, accidentally deleting cell formulas or time-consuming formatting of graphs.
  • Creates a log of Systems across your organisation and their suitability for automation
  • Drives automated outputs: heatmaps, bubble diagrams and other reports

Project Management

  • Group work packages into manageable projects
  • Prioritise workload and drive accountability from project teams
  • Portfolio dashboard view
  • Automate escalation workflows
  • Export reports to Word and PDF

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